Secure Data Destruction

Don’t take chances with your data

We provide secure data & hard drive destruction solutions

We don’t take chances with your data. We provide certified secure data destruction services & hard drive shredding to make certain your confidential information, trade secrets, and intellectual property are never compromised. Our technicians ensure that data storage devices are completely cleansed and sanitized eliminating all environmental and security risks associated with IT asset disposal.

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Destruction services

  • Certificates of destruction
  • Electronic media destruction
  • Hard drive shredding services
  • Data erasure & destruction
  • Drive degaussing & erasure
  • Proprietary item destruction
  • Customer database cleansing
  • Client identity theft protection

Our clients

  • Small, medium, & large business
  • IT services & data storage centers
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Healthcare hospitals & medical
  • Government agencies & military
  • Law firms & insurance Companies
  • Law enforcement & municipalities
  • Retailers and credit card companies

Items destroyed

  • Computer & server hard drives
  • Optical media CD’s and DVD’s
  • Smart phones, cell phones & tablets
  • Media backup tapes, DLT, LTO
  • Memory sticks, USB, SD & CF cards
  • Data storage cartridges & cassettes
  • Video tapes & floppy diskettes
  • Credit cards, badges, and IDs

hard drives and various data storage devices for secure data destruction